Serie Cimitero delle Fontanelle (Fontanelle Cemetery Series)

The work extends into another series of images captured in places of burial, in church crypts,
and cemeteries.  The most recent work features the Cimitero delle Fontanelle (Fontanelle
Cemetery) in Naples, Italy.  This is the largest cemetery in Naples, and has an important history.
During the 1600’s it was necessary to deposit bodies there as a result of the black plague; in the
1800’s bodies were again deposited as a result of the cholera epidemic, then it was used in thee
1900’s as a place to burry the poor. Today it is both a place of worship and a display of ritual
and legend. Similar to the edicole sacre, there is a ritual of worship present at the places of
burial. Prayer cards, rosaries, flowers, pictures of loved ones that have passed away, and
figurines of holy figures are left behind at the graves.